10 Must-Stay Amalfi Coast Hotels For Travelers

Amalfi Coast Hotels

The Amalfi Coast is a dream destination for many travelers, with its dramatic coastline, colorful cliffside villages, and crystal-clear waters. This picturesque stretch of coastline in southern Italy is known for its natural beauty, charming towns, and luxurious hotels. If you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast, finding the right hotel is essential for an unforgettable stay. From stunning infinity pools to private beaches and Michelin-starred dining, these must-stay Amalfi Coast hotels offer the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and breathtaking views.

1. Le Sirenuse – Positano

Le Sirenuse
Le Sirenuse

Nestled in the heart of Positano, Le Sirenuse is a renowned hotel that offers a truly paradisiacal experience on the Amalfi Coast. The hotel boasts a prime location just 200 meters from the coast, providing guests with easy access to the stunning beaches that dot the area. However, it’s not just the hotel’s proximity to the sea that makes it special – Le Sirenuse also offers spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast, making it the perfect place to soak up the beauty of the surroundings.

One of the highlights of Le Sirenuse is its infinity pool, which seems to merge seamlessly with the sea, creating a dreamlike setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. From the pool, guests can take in the panoramic views of the coast, with its colorful villages nestled among the cliffs.

Le Sirenuse is also known for its elegant and luxurious rooms, each offering its unique charm and style. Whether you choose a room with a private balcony or one with a terrace overlooking the sea, you can expect first-class amenities and impeccable service throughout your stay.

For those seeking culinary delights, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant provides a gastronomic experience like no other. Indulge in a sumptuous meal prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients while enjoying breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast.

2. Villa Treville – Positano

Villa Treville
Villa Treville

Nestled in Positano, Villa Treville showcases stunning views of the Amalfi Coast. This boutique hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort, with its private beach, infinity pool, and lush nature reserve. The hotel’s historical significance and enchanting Ferriere Valley make it a favored choice among travelers seeking a serene retreat.

Villa Treville’s confirmed availability and excellent amenities, including an oyster bar, ensure a memorable stay for guests. With traveler ratings and TripAdvisor data backing its appeal, Villa Treville stands out as an ideal accommodation choice.

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3. Grand Hotel La Favorita – Sorrento

Grand Hotel La Favorita
Grand Hotel La Favorita

Grand Hotel La Favorita in Sorrento offers a luxurious stay with its elegant rooms and stunning views of the bay. This 5-star hotel provides top-notch amenities including a rooftop terrace, an outdoor pool, and a renowned oyster bar. Located in the city center, guests can easily explore Sorrento.

The hotel’s confirmed availability and impeccable service make it a top choice for travelers. With high traveler ratings and lush surroundings, Grand Hotel La Favorita promises an unforgettable Amalfi Coast experience.

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4. Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa – Conca dei Marini

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa
Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Nestled in Conca dei Marini, Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa offers an unparalleled experience. The hotel boasts a lush nature reserve, an infinity pool overlooking the Amalfi Coast, and a spa set in a restored 17th-century monastery. This boutique hotel features luxurious accommodations, a renowned oyster bar, and a spectacular terrace offering breathtaking views of the coast. With confirmed availability and top-notch amenities, it’s no surprise this hotel receives rave traveler reviews and ratings.

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5. Palazzo Avino – Ravello

Palazzo Avino
Palazzo Avino

Set atop the clifftops of Ravello, Palazzo Avino offers a luxurious retreat with breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. This 12th-century villa turned 5-star hotel boasts elegantly styled rooms, a private beach club, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. Guests can indulge in the wellness center, and infinity pool, or take a cooking class. With confirmed availability and stellar traveler ratings, Palazzo Avino is an idyllic choice for travelers seeking an opulent escape in Ravello.

6. Caruso, A Belmond Hotel – Ravello

Caruso, A Belmond Hotel
Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

Perched high above the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, Caruso, a Belmond Hotel in Ravello, offers a luxurious retreat with spectacular views. This 11th-century palace features elegantly appointed rooms, an infinity pool, and a serene wellness center. Guests can indulge in fine dining experiences at the hotel’s Michelin-star restaurant or unwind at the exclusive beach club. The hotel’s lush gardens and historical surroundings provide a serene escape, while its proximity to Ravello’s cultural attractions offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

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7. Hotel Santa Caterina – Amalfi

Hotel Santa Caterina
Hotel Santa Caterina

Nestled in the heart of Amalfi, Hotel Santa Caterina offers a luxurious retreat with breathtaking views of the coastline. This 5-star hotel boasts exquisite rooms and suites, a private beach, and a renowned oyster bar. Guests can enjoy the infinity pool, fitness center, and access to the beach club. The hotel’s historical charm and lush surroundings make it a perfect choice for those seeking a serene and elegant escape.

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8. Borgo Santandrea – Amalfi

Borgo Santandrea
Borgo Santandrea

Nestled in the heart of Amalfi, Borgo Santandrea offers a luxurious retreat with breathtaking views. This 5-star hotel boasts an oyster bar, a swimming pool, and a private beach club. The hotel’s fitness center and boutique spa provide relaxation, while the infinity pool overlooks the spectacular coastline. With confirmed availability and stellar traveler ratings, Borgo Santandrea is an ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive experience in this enchanting destination.

9. Il San Pietro di Positano – Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano
Il San Pietro di Positano

Nestled in the heart of Positano, Il San Pietro di Positano offers unparalleled luxury and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. This 5-star hotel features a private beach, a swimming pool cut into the cliffside, and an oyster bar with panoramic sea views. Traveler reviews rave about the hotel’s confirmed availability, top-notch services, and its lush nature reserve. A stay here ensures an enchanting experience, with guided hiking tours through the historical Valley of Mills and the picturesque Ferriere Valley.

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10. Casa Angelina – Praiano

Casa Angelina
Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina in Praiano offers an exclusive retreat with breathtaking views, minimalist design, and a whitewashed ambiance. This boutique hotel features a private beach, an infinity pool, and an acclaimed oyster bar. With a focus on serenity and wellness, Casa Angelina provides a tranquil escape from the bustling nearby cities. The contemporary style and attentive service make it a standout choice for travelers seeking a sophisticated and peaceful Amalfi Coast experience.

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Exploring the Surroundings of the Hotels

The Amalfi Coast is not just about luxurious hotels and breathtaking views – it’s also a destination rich in natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions. When staying at one of the must-stay hotels on the Amalfi Coast, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding areas and immerse yourself in the unique charm of this region. Here are some of the top experiences and attractions near the hotels:

Sunny Beaches and Scenic Trails

  • Private beaches and beach clubs near the hotels offer the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Scenic trails like the Path of the Gods and the Valle delle Ferriere Nature Reserve provide breathtaking views of the coastline and offer the chance to discover hidden coves and charming villages along the way.
  • Boat tours along the coast allow visitors to explore the stunning cliffs and grottos, such as the famous Blue Grotto in Capri.
  • Charter a yacht or take a sailing trip to experience the Amalfi Coast from a different perspective and discover secluded beaches and hidden coves.

Historical Landmarks and Cultural Attractions

  • Famous landmarks such as the Cattedrale di Amalfi and the Duomo di Sorrento showcase the rich history and architecture of the region.
  • Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello are renowned for their beautiful gardens, stunning views, and architectural marvels.
  • Explore the historical ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which offer a fascinating glimpse into life during ancient times.
  • Visit the charming town of Positano and its colorful buildings, narrow streets, and lively promenade.

Local Cuisine and Shopping Opportunities

  • Indulge in the delicious local cuisine of the Amalfi Coast, featuring fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and local specialties like limoncello.
  • The towns along the coast are known for their boutique shops and artisanal stores, offering unique handmade products, ceramics, and fashion.
  • Visit local markets to sample and purchase fresh produce, cheeses, and other regional delicacies.
  • Take a cooking class or wine-tasting tour to learn more about the culinary traditions of the area and bring home some of the local flavors.

Travel Tips for Staying at Amalfi Coast Hotels

Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast can be overwhelming with so many options and attractions to choose from. Here are some travel tips to make the most of your stay at one of the must-stay hotels on the Amalfi Coast:

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is during the spring and fall months when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. The months of April to June and September to October offer pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists, and lush green landscapes. This is also a great time for outdoor activities and exploration.

Making Reservations in Advance

Due to the popularity of the Amalfi Coast, it is recommended to make hotel reservations well in advance, especially during the peak summer months. This ensures that you get the best availability and can secure your preferred dates and room type. It’s also a good idea to check for any special packages or deals that hotels may offer for early bookings.

Transportation and Accessibility

The Amalfi Coast is well-connected by various transportation options. The most convenient way to reach the area is by flying into Naples International Airport (NAP) and then taking a taxi or private transfer to your hotel. Alternatively, you can take a train from Naples to Sorrento and then continue by bus or taxi to your destination.

Once you’re on the Amalfi Coast, getting around can be done via public buses, taxis, or private transfers. It’s worth noting that the coastal roads can be narrow and winding, so driving yourself may not be the most convenient option.

Budget Considerations

It’s important to consider your budget when planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast, as it is known for its luxury accommodations and upscale dining options. However, there are also more affordable hotels and restaurants available, especially in the smaller towns along the coast. Consider staying in a smaller town like Praiano or Sant’Agnello to save on accommodation costs.

Health and Safety Measures at the Hotels

The health and safety of guests is a top priority for hotels on the Amalfi Coast, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each hotel has implemented comprehensive health and safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay for guests. Here are some of the measures that hotels have put in place:

Covid-19 Precautions and Guidelines

Hotels have increased cleaning and sanitization procedures, including regular disinfection of high-touch areas and common spaces. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the hotels, and staff members are required to wear personal protective equipment.

Guests may be required to undergo temperature checks and provide proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results upon check-in. Hotels may also have capacity restrictions in place for common areas, such as restaurants and swimming pools, to ensure physical distancing.

Emergency Services and Facilities

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast have emergency services and facilities available to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests. This may include access to medical assistance, on-site doctors or nurses, and transportation services in case of emergencies.

Additional Perks and Offers at Hotels

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast offer a range of additional perks and offers to enhance guests’ stays and make them even more memorable. Here are some of the extra benefits you can enjoy when staying at these must-stay hotels:

Special Packages for Couples and Families

Hotels often provide special packages tailored to couples or families, including romantic dinners, spa treatments, and activities for children. These packages allow guests to create unforgettable memories and experiences during their stay.

Exclusive Deals for Early Booking

By booking your stay in advance, you can take advantage of exclusive deals and early booking discounts offered by the hotels. These deals can help you save money while still enjoying a luxurious experience on the Amalfi Coast.

Experiences Shared by Previous Guests

One of the best ways to gauge the quality and experience of a hotel is through the reviews and experiences shared by previous guests. Let’s take a look at what some of the guests have to say about their stay at these must-stay hotels on the Amalfi Coast:

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Guests have consistently praised the stunning views, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional service at these hotels. Many guests have described their stays as unforgettable and have praised the attention to detail and personalized experiences provided by the staff.

Personalized Experiences and Stories

Many guests have shared their personalized experiences and stories from their time at these hotels, highlighting moments of relaxation, romance, and adventure. From private beach picnics to candlelit dinners overlooking the sea, these personal experiences add an extra touch of magic to a stay on the Amalfi Coast.


In conclusion, the Amalfi Coast offers a range of luxurious and picturesque hotels that are perfect for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. From the iconic Le Sirenuse in Positano to the charming Casa Angelina in Praiano, each hotel has its unique charm and features. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking views of the coast, world-class amenities, or family-friendly accommodations, there is a hotel to suit every traveler’s needs.

Don’t just take our word for it – read the glowing guest reviews and ratings to get a sense of the personalized experiences offered by these hotels. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, please comment below. Your feedback is valuable to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotel provides the best view of the Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast Hotels, The hotels that provide the best views of the Amalfi Coast are Le Sirenuse in Positano and Il San Pietro di Positano in Positano. Both hotels offer spectacular views of the coast and are located in prime cliffside locations.

Which hotel is recommended for a luxury stay?

For a luxury stay, Caruso, A Belmond Hotel in Ravello, Palazzo Avino in Ravello, and Grand Hotel La Favorita in Sorrento are highly recommended. These hotels offer luxurious accommodations, top-notch service, and stunning views.

Which hotel is family-friendly?

Amalfi Coast Hotels, Borgo Santandrea in Amalfi is a family-friendly hotel that offers special packages for couples and families. The hotel boasts a private beach and beach club, making it the perfect choice for families with children.

What measures are hotels taking in response to Covid-19?

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast have implemented comprehensive health and safety measures in response to Covid-19. These include increased cleaning and sanitization procedures, temperature checks, and physical distancing measures.

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